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Erin Brown

In a matter of a few short years, my kids endured more then 50 surgeries and medical procedures and approximately one thousand days in the hospital. Between me working in a hospital, the kid’s surgeries being in 11 different facilities across the country, and Ronald McDonald housing us 235 different times through the years – these mystifying experiences profoundly impacted me professionally and personally.

I learned to discuss health complications with grace and ease. The vocabulary of most moms I knew were, “baseball practice” or “dance lessons” or “slumber party”… I knew that language too, but was more fluent in Amputation, MRSA, pre-cancerous lesions, Asthma, Special Needs, Bilateral Tibial Rotational Osteotomy, elevated IgE’s and laryngomalacia. I could go on and on really, Three different children and combined they hit each medical specialty known.

Each week and year that passed became an expectant land mine. A disaster. Trauma and grief. It was heart wrenching to watch as they disappeared through those operating doors.

I am forever grateful for the skill and knowledge of most of the physicians and staff we were blessed with, but I knew in my heart there had to be other options I could do for them.

They were not living. They were just existing with a childhood of scheduled appointments circled on the calendar of another appointment when someone would hurt them and give more medicines to take.

In October 2014 another medical bomb exploded for us and another opportunity to do the same old thing we had done for years. What is the definition of insanity? I was told, “Erin you just don’t have any other options.” It was in that moment of truth for myself, I followed the gentle nudge and took a leap of faith. Looking back now, I see we found true health care and left sick care.

We experienced life transforming healing through many different modalities. We learned to not just survive, but how to thrive. All three kids are off all medications. All three kids and myself are loving and living a purpose filled life and able to share it with many.

Christ uses inadequate people who surrender what they have to Him to meet the overwhelming needs of others.
Salt Life Spa is the result from our many experiences. We choose To empower individuals to have tools to make their lives more fulfilling. I strongly believe we have other options for health and wellness. I have not only observed these life changing experiences they have transformed my life.

Young Living Essential Oils, Raindrop Technique Application, Infrared Saunas and the HIMAYLAYAN SALT ROOMS have changed our life’s trajectory! These modalities have been a place for me to really look into myself and learn to reach my full potential and learn alongside my children – it is a process; it is a journey. We are very blessed to share these tools and provide a venue to empower and partner with our community.

Salt Life Spa’s Blog and Young Living Essential Oil Classes is where you will hear each of our stories, our past struggles, and our successes.

In private consultations and in classes I look forward to meeting you, hearing your stories, and partnering with you. I have so many that come to me and ask or explain to me, “I just want to stop. Stop hurting. Stop this or stop that.” I am here to partner with you to not stop, but to START! Start living abundantly and remarkably.

True health care is what people do for themselves and their families independent of medical professionals, clinical institutions, pharmaceuticals corporations, insurance companies and government. I want to acknowledge I do agree each has a role, and are necessary. However, the ultimate responsibility for healing and wellness rests with the individual.

Whitney, Harley Mae, and Joseph are who helped me to begin and start MY WHY and God has taken that and turned it into something entirely new to share with others – to share with you.

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Your Oily Friend,

“You do it because it is the most magnificent means you know to bring good into the lives of most people.
You do it because you want to help others in the most powerful and long lasting way you can. You do it because you love people and you have something good to share that will help them. If you want to put yourself in a position to serve God to the maximum you are capable, then you go Diamond.” – Dr. David Stewart
“God can do anything; you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.” Ephesians 3:20-21 The Message (MSG)
“I strongly believe we have other options for health and wellness. I have not only observed these life changing experiences they have transformed my life.” – Erin



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