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A Salt Life Spa Membership includes a Free Oil Mapping Consultation. All Consultations must be scheduled.

At Salt Life Spa we want to help people compliment and support health, not treat or diagnose illness. We look at the over all person to help them find ways to support a healthy body rather than look at Dry Salt Therapy sessions and Essential Oils as a bandage or single use application. Oil Mapping guides you one step and one drop at a time.

To schedule an Oil Mapping Consultation, you must have a YLEO membership through Erin and her team.  Young Living does not recruit members from other teams.  This is a service I provide to those for FREE are enrolled through our staff here at Salt Life Spa, llc.

Salt Life Spa LOVES Young Living Essential Oils and encourages YOU to Become A Young Living Essential Oil Member! As you begin your Oily Journey with Young Living, you will also get ME! – ERIN. Becoming a Member with Young Living allows me to partner with you as you begin this BIG step and partner with you to create goals and create a system – changing lives one drop at a time!

Oil Mapping specifically creates a workable and doable regimen to successfully introduce essential oils, supplements, salt sessions, and sauna into the lives of friends and family. For oil mapping we consider three main areas: physical, mental, and emotional. The categories are fluid as they are all inter-connected and will affect each other synergistically. The goal, then, is to get all three areas at optimal health and map out the steps to take.

Salt Life Spa would love to share with you how essential oils can easily be worked into your daily lifestyle to help support things like better sleep, more clarity during the day, help with stress management and emotions, grumpy husband or kids, really anything at all.

To begin your Oily Journey with Young Living Essential Oils go to: http://bit.ly/saltlifespa



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