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You may call to purchase or email to purchase if unable to come in. Please contact us at erin@saltlifespa.com or 251-517-7275

Salt Life Spa Memorial Day SALE!!! Outrageously Abundant!!!

We celebrate and honor those who have given us our FREEDOMS!
I AM grateful for the FREEDOM to have access to Quick, easy and affordable solutions for WELLNESS right here on the Eastern Shore at Salt Life Spa!!
I AM grateful for the abundance and health my children now have after enduring and overcoming 50 + surgeries! I AM grateful we are each OFF of all medications because of cleansing and supporting our bodies! I AM grateful these services at Salt Life Spa are blessing so many families!

Memorial Day SALE prices begin Thursday, May 23 @ 9am – Monday, May 27 @ 6pm, All sales are final, non transferable.
Salt Therapy Sessions (Adults and Kids): $25 Invest in ONE Salt Therapy Session, Get TWO Sessions FREE
Far Infrared Sauna Sessions: $25 Invest in ONE Sauna Session, Get TWO Sessions FREE
Ionic Foot Bath Sessions: $45 Invest in ONE Session, Get TWO Sessions FREE
Raindrop Technique Application: $100 Invest in ONE Session, Get TWO FREE
Abundance Package (our most popular package) ***Limited spots available for Abundance Package, first come – first serve***
* Unlimited Salt Therapy Sessions for 4 weeks
* Unlimited Far Infrared Sauna Sessions for 4 weeks
* One Ionic Foot Bath and One Raindrop Technique Application for weeks
Regularly Priced: $1, 295.00
Memorial Day Sale: Invest in ONE Abundance Package for you, your family is FREE!!

***Family is to be defined as spouse and/or children under the age of 18 living in the home, limited to 4 children. Adults living in the home, older parents, cousins, boyfriends/girlfriends, pets, neighbors etc. are not included in this package. Salt Life Spa has the right to refuse any services. The purpose of this Sale is to celebrate our Federal Holiday and to provide an opportunity to bless families just like ours.

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