Suggested number of Dry Salt Therapy Sessions

Published on July 24, 2018

Dry Salt Therapy is provided all over the globe, most prevalent in Russia, Eastern Europe and Canada, where doctors have routinely prescribed Dry Salt Therapy for patients.  Experiencing multiple Dry Salt Therapy sessions allow most people to experience a period of remission from their respiratory and skin conditions.

Below is a detailed list of conditions as well as the suggested number of consecutive sessions, as used in Russian clinics and health spas across the globe. These research numbers should not be treated as a prescription, but rather as suggested guidelines for treatment based on research (see citation below). Patrons of Salt Life Spa should be attentive to their own unique health needs/conditions and make decisions about treatment based on the way their bodies respond.  As always, consult with your physician regarding Dry Salt Therapy as a complimentary wellness tool.

Asthma – intermittent, mild12-14
Asthma – moderate, severe18-21
Acute bronchitis12-14
Recurrent bronchitis12-14
Chronic Obstructive Bronchitis18-21
Pneumonia after acute stage12-14
Bronchiectatic disease20-25
Cystic fibrosis20-25
Respiratory infections, influenza5-7 or 2x/wk for prevention
Vasomotor and allergic rhinitis, rhinosinusopathy14-18
Chronic pharyngitis and tonsillitis14-18
Chronic sinusitis14-18
Acute sinusitis3-5
Clearing after pulmonary tuberculosis14-18
Hay fever12-14
Multi-chemical sensitivity syndrome12-14
After contact with industrial and household pollutants12-14
Skin pathology8-25


MINISTRY OF PUBLIC HEALTH OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Halotherapy Application in Treatment and Rehabilitation of Respiratory Diseases, Methodical Recommendation No. 95/111, Moscow 1995

Methodical recommendation was discussed and approved by the Scientific Board of the Institute of Pulmonology of the Russian Federation.

Clinical-Research Respiratory Center, St. Petersburg – Doctors A.V. Chervinskaya, S.I. Konovalov, O.V. Strashnova, N.G. Samsonova

Institute of Pulmonology of the Russian Federation, Moscow – Doctors A.G. Chchalin, I.D. Apulcina, I.E. Furman, A.A. Bondarenko, M.V. Samsonova

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