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Erin Brown


Erin has 15 years of highly successful business expertise in Healthcare and Practice Management,

blending 19 years of her personal journey of 50+ Medical Surgeries her three children endured and overcame.Erin’s experiences profoundly impacted and shaped her professionally and personally which inspired her to open one of the original and most successful Dry Salt Therapy facilities and Young Living Essential Oil Teaching Rooms. Erin has a compassion for efficient and effective healthcare and provides Dry Salt Therapy as a complimentary wellness tool. She strongly believes healthcare, churches, education, family and community all impact each other. That has identified how and where she invests her passion and energy in life. Erin developed Salt Life Spa, LLC as it has a sincere desire to change a person’s health, heart, and quality of life through integrative and holistic approaches. Erin is continuing her education through The Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education to pursue her Board Certification. Her dynamic skill set of guiding clients and investors in strategic planning and the implementation of new organizations with zeal and warmth are her gifts and graces. Erin will ensure you have an extremely smooth and pleasant experience for all involved. She is thankful to her mentors who have shaped and molded her – for witnessing her involvement in healthcare and seeing her extraordinary and innovation passion for ensuring outstanding service.

Brent Dowsey


Brent is a Fairhope native of 44 years and has been with Alabama Power in Mobile, AL for 21 years.

Brent’s personal experience with Dry Salt Therapy continues to blow him away with the amazing results. Brent’s leadership and in-depth passion for Halotherapy extends from salt room construction and configuration to consulting in launching a Salt Life Spa, LLC in your region. When he is not involved in Salt Life Spa, you will find Brent with family and friends on the water or in the woods. To say that Brent loves our Gulf Coast and Eastern Shore outdoors is an understatement!

Harley Mae


Harley Mae has had a personal medical journey of countless surgeries and injuries.

Harley Mae grew up immersed in the development of medical clinics, healthcare policy and procedures, and implementation of new staff and systems. She knows healthcare from each and every angle! Harley Mae possesses a fierce passion for natural and holistic modalities. Her involvement with the Fairhope community and love for her family embarked her on a trajectory to be Coordinator of Salt Life Spa, LLC. Harley Mae completed the Painted Mural in our very own Kid’s Salt Room. Harley Mae has art exhibits in Mobile, Alabama and in our State of Alabama Capital in Montgomery, AL. Receiving many Visual Art Awards, Harley Mae has also been featured in Vision’s Magazine as an impressive artist.

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