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Sharing Young Living comes easily for me. When we received and experienced blessing after blessing for Whitney’s health and our own health (see My Why tab for the scoop), sharing Young Living became a stewardship issue and sharing about these little treasures became natural! I have not always had room or access to “teach” or host a class. NOW there is not only a venue to attend classes, but a venue to host your very own classes fully stocked with materials!!

Reserve the room for your group, or attend one of Erin’s classes! No matter what organization you are a part of, who your friends are, or what your teaching skill set is – you have options now! Come get your Learn On!
Contact Salt Life Spa @ 251-517-7275 to Reserve the Room for your group.

One of the many benefits to BECOMING A MEMBER through Salt Life Spa’s Organization, you have access to unlimited classes on this Oily Journey you have embarked on!  Erin teaches a series of hands-on classes and make & take classes for you and your family.

Not a Young Living Essential Oil Member yet?  Go to To get started!  Check out the Become a Member tab for more details.



Thursday, January 31st @ 6pm to 8pm Lucy Libido says there is a class for THAT!  Classy, Clean, & ooohhh So much fun – Lucy Libido says there is a class for THAT and we have her Little Black Book! Hormone Support, Libido Support, Loving Your Self, New Mommas & Menopause, Dragon Time, Oils Between the Sheets, there is something for everyone… Very pleased to announce our VERY special co-hosts: The Beautiful Jessica Yeager & Charming Ryan Pope!!!!! A class you do not want to miss!! Reserve your spot and bring a friend!!


Tuesday, February 5 @ 6pm – 8pm Supporting Your Special Needs Child $10:  Do you live a hectic life just like we do?  IEP’s, doctor appointments, traveling for hospital visits, endless and crazy chaos.  Bring the chaos to order!!  This class will give your hope, goals, and not just theory, but proven success!!  Whitney and Erin will share their Education and Oily journey.

Date Event Day
Jan 31st @

6pm to 8pm

Lucy Libido says there is a class for THAT!!!  co-hosts Jessica Yeager & Ryan Pope
Feb 5 @

6pm to 8pm

Supporting Your Child With Special Needs Tuesday

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